Why Integral?

  • We strive toward attaining all performance objectives and achieving our client’s mission success
  • We focus on delivering the highest quality solutions and services as is evidenced by our CMMI and ISO quality certifications
  • We have a dedicated recruiting department to recruit and retain a highly skilled, experienced, certified and innovative workforce – key to project success
  • Our CMMI-SVC Level 3 and ISO-certified Development Methodology ensures the highest quality solutions and our Project Management Methodology minimizes risk, and ensures mission success
  • We have a certified transition process to provide seamless transition of contracts without impacting our client’s mission
  • We are focused in our core competencies of multimodal biometrics, identity intelligence, cybersecurity, application development and IT service management
  • We are the Prime contractor on a wide-range of Contract Vehicles, including for SB, SDB, 8(a) and EDWOSB
  • We have an outstanding corporate infrastructure with a DCAA Approved Accounting System, TS Facility Clearance and industry quality certifications
  • Our focus is toward achieving our client’s objectives and making them successful
  • We have a proven track record of performance excellence exceeding clients’ expectations!
  • Our customers are highly satisfied and we have proven past performances and excellent client references

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