U.S. Space Command J2 Hiring Event

Date: 10 September 2019  |  Time: 10am-3pm
Location: Mt Carmel Veterans Service Center, 530 Communication Circle, C. Springs

Integral Consulting Services & Altamira Technologies Corporation are partnering with Mount Carmel Veterans Service Center, seeking TS//SCI cleared professionals to assist in standing up the U.S. Space Command J2 program. The following positions are available starting the beginning to mid-September, all including competitive pay and benefits!

  • Senior level Administrative Specialist
  • Senior level Budget & Financial Specialist
  • CI Specialists Mid/Senior/SME level
  • Mid/Senior level Collection Manager
  • Collection Strategist SME
  • Controlled Access Program (CAP) Technicians Senior/SME level
  • COP/CIP Technician Mid-level
  • Cyber Analysts Mid/SME level
  • Disclosure Representatives Mid/Senior/SME level
  • Facilities Specialist Mid-level
  • Graphics Developer/Designer Mid-Level
  • AI/ML SME level
  • IT Specialist Senior level
  • Joint Intelligence Exercise Planner Senior level
  • Joint Intelligence Planners Mid/Senior/SME levels
  • Knowledge Manager Mid-level
  • Manpower Personnel Specialist Senior level
  • Missile Analyst SME level
  • OSINT Analyst Senior level
  • Space/Counter-Space Analysts Mid/Senior/SME level
  • Special Security Technicians Mid/Senior level
  • Targeting Analysts Mid/Senior/SME level
  • Targeting Automation Specialist Mid-level
  • Intelligence Tradecraft Developer/Trainers Senior/SME level
  • Web Developer Mid-level
  • Targeting, Plans, and Policy Specialist Senior level