Open-Source Intelligence

Open-Source Intelligence

A large, complex resource, open-source intelligence (OSINT) takes many forms, including gray literature, academic publications, data available for purchase through aggregators, along with indexed data and website content. As the importance of this dynamic resource continues to increase, we must use it to stay ahead of the trends and on the leading edge of intelligence analysis.

Taking this challenge seriously, we are constantly researching new sites, capabilities, tools, and security issues associated with OSINT and personal data, and have developed a dual understanding of OSINT relative to the Internet’s offensive and defensive applications. This dual understanding makes us successful in OSINT data discovery and protection, while providing situationally relevant training in such techniques to analysts across government intelligence organizations.

We put the analyst before the tool or system, understanding that in the realm of OSINT, tools, exploits, and sites come and go. Our tool-agnostic approach to OSINT focuses on training and building core skills and awareness without relying on specific software or hardware to stay ahead of developments in the field.

Integral’s OSINT support services include:

  • An established OSINT facility with custom-built systems integrating secure connection and advanced tools for research and analysis
  • Training courses that expose analysts to the potential ways in which OSINT data and tools can support and even advance their mission
  • Expertise to adeptly answer the full spectrum of questions on OSINT data, and to provide third party evaluation of tools

We provide these services to many government clients and welcome the opportunity to offer our capabilities and expertise in, and our passion for, the uses of OSINT to support the mission of your organization.



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Open-Source Intelligence

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