Multimodal Biometrics

With a decade of experience in implementing multimodal biometric solutions, Integral is a leader in applying these solutions to identity intelligence, watchlist checks, and intelligence analyses. Our work includes helping the Department of Defense (DOD) develop and implement Biometric-Enabled Intelligence, Forensic-Enabled Intelligence, and Identity Intelligence, and assisting the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and DOD’s Technical Support Working Group with research and development to create new forms of biometrics, fuse multiple biometric technologies and biographic data to enhance the accuracy of biometric matching, and improve biometric algorithms.

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Open-Source Intelligence

Integral specializes in exploiting Internet and social media data to perform all-source intelligence analysis. We apply our biometric and intelligence analysis skills to social media data in performing open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysis on individuals, groups, materials, and events. We have an Open Source Center of Excellence with a well-established OSINT laboratory, reputed subject matter experts, and experienced intelligence analysts.

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Cybersecurity and Cyber Intelligence

Integral’s expertise and experience in cybersecurity helps clients stay ahead of threats, protect their IT infrastructure, and safeguard their data. We provide operations support for security operations centers; perform cyber threat analysis, intrusion detection, and vulnerability analysis; conduct incident management; and perform comprehensive information assurance to help clients establish a Risk Management Framework for their IT infrastructure. We also perform intelligence analysis on cyber- attacks to identify the source(s) of intrusion and assist in defensive and offensive cyber operations.

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IT Service Management & Application Development

Integral provides a range of IT service management and application development services and solutions using state-of-the-art, open system technologies and the right products for the purpose. We use service-oriented architecture, Federal Enterprise Architecture, the Department of Defense Architecture Framework, and open-source standards to design and implement enterprise applications.

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Mission Support Services

Integral uses its range of experience in program management, business operations, acquisition support, budget and finance, and personnel and physical security services to help clients achieve their mission objectives. We specialize in managing programs related to weapons of mass destruction, especially arms reduction treaties.

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