A Core Strength

For more than a decade, we have evaluated, deployed, improved, and fused biometric technologies for the military, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement organizations. Every day, Integral biometric solutions are helping:

  • Identify an insurgent or a terrorist
  • Investigate a crime
  • Authenticate a passport
  • Verify a visa
  • Validate a driver’s license

Delivering the Full Range of Multimodal Biometric Solutions

  • Develop concept of operations to lab test biometric algorithms and solutions before deployment
  • Developing, improving, and fusing biometric recognition algorithms for MorphoTrust, Crossmatch, and other leading biometric systems
  • Fusing multimodal biometric modes for comparison and combination of signatures from a subject’s fingerprints, irises, palms, face, DNA―enabling enrollment of credentials, verification of IDs, spoof-proofing identities, and checking visitors against watchlists
  • Implementing biometric-enabled applications for clients including the Transportation Security Administration, for identity proofing, credential enrollment, and verification
  • Supporting counterintelligence and cyber intelligence using biometric and forensic technologies
  • Helped DOD in developing Defense Biometric Enabled Intelligence (BEI), Forensic Enabled Intelligence (FEI), and Identity Intelligence (I2) Policy (DoD Manual 3300.BB-M)
  • Conducting BEI, FEI, and I2 analysis of all-source intelligence, human intelligence, and counterintelligence, and targeting
  • Delivering extensive training on tools, technologies and methodologies to perform Identity Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and All Source intelligence analysis
  • Empowering teams to routinely share information, collaborate, and report suspicious incidents, patterns, and trends

Our Expertise at Work

  • In research, development, test, and evaluation projects funded by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, DoD’s Technical Support Working Group, and the Defense Forensics & Biometrics Agency, we have improved biometrics algorithms to enhance accurately of biometrics matchings in the real world – with fewer misses and false matches.
  • We have helped the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence) formulate the DoD Policy on Biometric-Enabled Intelligence and Forensic Enabled Intelligence. We have also supported the DoD Identity Intelligence (I2) initiative.
  • We have led comprehensive intelligence analysis via BEI, FEI, and I2 techniques using defined methodologies, analytical tools, databases, and watchlists for the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command’s National Ground Intelligence Center, the Federal Air Marshal Service, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.
  • Our Mobile Training Team has trained DoD, DHS, the Department of Justice, NATO, and international allies to master the tools and methodologies in performing BEI, FEI, and OSINT analysis.