Mission Support Services

Program Management (PM)

Using Integral’s certified project management methodology to successfully deliver projects, programs, and portfolios on schedule and budget and with the highest quality, our PM support specialists:

  • Stand up Project Management Offices
  • Baseline project requirements and manage their changes
  • Create and manage integrated project schedules, performing earned value management as milestones are completed
  • Monitor progress against plans, taking timely corrective action for zero impact to cost and schedule
  • Regularly report project progress and financial status based on the client’s specific information needs
  • Establish Agile methodology to plan and implement project tasks rapidly
  • Write Communication Plans, Quality Control Plans, and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans
  • Review all deliverables for compliance with performance requirements and quality standards
  • Provide administrative, operations, and technical support
  • Identify and manage risks by planning and implementing strategies to mitigate or eliminate them

Physical Security

Applying deep experience in military and civilian physical security, our experts:

  • Assess a facility’s physical and infrastructure security before it is leased or built
  • Appraise the vulnerabilities in terms of risk vs. cost, helping clients understand where their dollars will do the most good
  • Deploy biometric access controls, including face recognition and iris scanning
  • Train people to internalize and practice physical security and crime prevention
  • Improve policies and procedures to use best practices proven in particular facilities
  • Ensure compliance with physical-security laws
  • Align operations security with information security, information assurance, and force protection
  • Provide access control and guard services
  • Help write plans for ensuring continuity of operations and reconstituting facilities and infrastructure after they have been damaged
  • Provide program management and communication support for situational awareness and security initiatives

Business Operations

In managing logistics and resources, maintaining facilities, and supporting the full range of acquisition efforts, Integral business operations experts:

  • Provide acquisition support for procurement of products, solutions and professional services
  • Provide support for budget planning and budget execution
  • Assist in managing contracts and closing contracts
  • Provide acquisition support for acquiring products and services
  • Track and manage IT and other assets
  • Provide daily administrative support

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Treaty Compliance

At the Army’s Chemical Materials Agency Center for Treaty Implementation and Compliance, Integral program management staff, administrators, and technical experts:

  • Help conduct systematic Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) inspections of Army chemical weapons storage and Schedule 1 facilities, inspection-readiness evaluations, site-assistance visits, and treaty-required visits at demilitarization facilities
  • Develop the methodology for supporting challenge inspections
  • Create and deliver training for Department of Defense inspectors in conducting challenge inspections and complying with the CWC
  • Support inspections, training events, and site-assistance visits at Army sites for WMD, including CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives)

At the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Integral program management staff, administrators, and technical experts:

  • Provide training and escort services to visiting international biological and chemical weapons inspectors
  • Provide overall Program Management in planning, scheduling and managing inspectors visits and inspections